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December 21, 2005
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Auburn Rocket Beauty Shots by BWS Auburn Rocket Beauty Shots by BWS
This is just a scrap - it's a rocket model I started last Spring, and over the last few days I've been texturing it and adding more retro-futuristic goodness to it. It's very nearly done; I want to think about making some texture changes to the steering column and wheel - which you don't get much of a view of here - but it's just about where it wants to be.

I had to figure out what to call it as soon as I needed to save the file, and it just seemed to me that if the Auburn automobile company hadn't gone out of business during the Great Depression - when their fantastic but expensive cars wouldn't sell - they might have ended up making something more or less like this in that future that didn't get here anyway. I based the emblem on the radiator badge of an actual Auburn Beauty-Six, which honestly, I couldn't identify myself. The car of theirs that always comes to mind is the Boattail Speedster, which was about as close to this vehicle as the era would permit. There's an Auburn-Cord-Deusenberg museum in Indiana. I drove past the signs pretty late at night during an interstate move, and I'm thinking I'd like to go back to see it.

All modeled n 3DS Max; textures in Photoshop.
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This is a really fun design! reminds me a little of the video game series 'Fallout'. From the future that could have been...
i love it!
That's one fancy design there!
Bloody hell, you call it scrap but I call it genius. Great design. :)
These are just tres cool!

While I was soaking up your image, I was reminded of the Futurama episode where Nibbler takes Fry to blow up the huge brain and Fry has a 'scooty puff junior' rocket thingy to get away on. Of course yours are MUCH cooler and probably won't fall apart at critical points in a plot, even if you CAN'T see what's in front of you. :D
What a beauty! I think a windshield would complement it perfectly.
I've put windshields on some of these, but I thought it's interrupt the crazy bulging lines of this one. Though if you picture someone seated in the cockpit you may realize that the whole front of the rocket protects you from the wind, not to mention the way it protects you from seeing what's in front of you. It's what you might call a design flaw :).
very nice concept
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