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January 3, 2007
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Details from Pre-Production 1 by BWS Details from Pre-Production 1 by BWS
This is a set of close-ups from my first pre-production art piece for "Empire State Patrol". Here we get a zoomed-in look at a few of the points of interest in that picture, including a better look at the rocket's dashboard than you usually get to see in these.

In my "Retropolis" pictures, the rockets are always pretty much street legal (well, except that they don't travel on streets) - but for the purposes of the story here, they tend to be heavily armed. My guns are mainly kitbashed from historical military models that I've cheerfully looted and modified - here, if I remember rightly, from a WWII era Howitzer. That technology merges pretty smoothly with the vintage science fiction air of my 1930's rockets and rayguns.

If you've watched the Nova York city previews I've posted in scraps, you may recognize the buildings in the background.
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Those are some neat renders. =)
smartmonkeee Jan 4, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
love seeing the detailings. alot of the really old sci-fi movies steal from the current technology... remember flash gordon? hehe
radioPooh Jan 3, 2007
you never talk to me . it's okay . i'm not worthy . but a great fan ..
I'm not sure about "never".... hey, look! I just proved it!
radioPooh Jan 4, 2007
grin .. thanks ..
Mattsma Jan 3, 2007  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Nice to see you are still at it! How great are these! :D
StinaWiik Jan 3, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
mmm, eyecandy! :D
Quiet beautiful detail. I absolutely dread to think how long these pieces take. :)
It's been exciting to see this project develop, and thanks by the way for the 3d advice a while back. I won't even try to think about the amount of work this one has taken...
Well, if you ignore the time spent on the characters and the rocket it wasn't so bad for a rendering on this scale; I think I spent just over two weeks on the picture itself since I only had to worry about the landscape, lighting and so on.

That's sort of the theory at work, behind building a library of common assets that I can use to make pictures with as the stories get rolling.
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