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July 24, 2009
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Gotta Get Up and Go to Work by BWS Gotta Get Up and Go to Work by BWS
Retropolis offers a wide variety of accommodations to the tourist or traveler: from five star suites in the floating Galacticon hotel, through the more utilitarian, blastproof rooms made available to the conventioneers of The Society of Demented Research Technicians - and finally, to these modern and streamlined sleeping tubes at hotels like downtown's "Tubular Belles".

Sleek and affordable, these tubes bathe the sleeper in a sonic shower that cleans both sleeper and clothing. Visitors awake refreshed and ready for a new tomorrow - helped along by the hot, strong coffee that tops off the hotel's complimentary breakfast.


This all happened because of a series of blog posts at the Posthuman Blues blog - [link] ... there, for example.

Though I'd never spent a lot of time thinking about Women In Tubes - and really, I haven't, at least not since the seventies - once I did think about them, I realized that they're all over the covers of pulp science fiction magazines from the Golden Age of, well, pulp science fiction magazines.

And I started to feel like less of a man because I'd never put women in tubes into my own pictures. I mean, obviously, it's fundamental, right?

But it's not enough to just stick a women in a tube. Not EVEN in the seventies. What the heck are they doing in there? How did they get into a freaking tube, in the first place? It can't be like that ship in a bottle thing: that's disgusting. How do they get out? And, as always, who stands to benefit from all these women in tubes?

So I've tried to answer these questions, and in the act I also made the tubes coeducational. Because that's how I roll.

the title's from a song of 1933, by Olive Levine & Beany Miller. Because that's ALSO how I roll.
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I've stayed in worse places. I'd check the small print, there's probably a minimum number of 'women in tubes' pictures you need to draw.
Yikes, I had no idea I was on a quota system there. I'd hate to get into trouble, especially since somebody must have one heck of a lot of those tubes lying around.
JARM13 Nov 5, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I wonder how many will get the reference to tubular bells ? Nother great one , of course !
Women in tubes. Who dont like them...
This is amazing....
JaimeGervais Jul 31, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Amazing... I love it!
Kinda like Japan's capsule hotels, huh?
bear48 Jul 25, 2009  Professional
I do so love your work
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